Update: 2021/10月40mm單鏡,2020/6月 135mm單鏡入庫 - 單鏡大片幅大光圈"親民版“電影單鏡頭組:Tokina Cinema T1.5. VV 5顆基本組

Update: 2021/10月:40mm單鏡入庫


含蓋所有大片幅CMOS的親民版電影美鏡:Tokina Cinema T1.5. VV 基本組
18,25,35,50,85mm 單鏡基本組
宏達提供大片幅機身: Alexa MiniLF, Red Monstro, Panasonic S1H, Sony A7Siii 


1. Fast T1.5 T stop, good for low light filming

2. Nearly no breathing during focus pulls

3. Very pleasing image character across the Iris range and usable wide open

4. T1.5 through to T22 Iris range

5. Use of aspherical elements and modern coatings, nicely corrected image, exceptionally low chromatic abberations

6. Newly designed large format cinema glass

7. Image circle of 46.7mm covers FF35, VistaVision and Red Dragon 8K VV

8. Clearly marked focus and iris scales on both sides of the lenses

9. Consistent 114mm front outer diameter, good for efficient matte box use

10. Lenses also feature a 112mm screw-in filter size (Excluding Vista 18mm)

11. Consistent length of lenses, good for quick lens changes

12. Consistent length of lens during focus pull, swing away matte box stays put

13. 9 bladed Iris for rounded bokeh aesthetic

14. No image shift during focus pull

15. Robust construction materials, good for long term use and ownership