Angénieux Optimo 系列, 對電影攝影師扮演舉足輕重角色

Angénieux Optimo Zoom Lenses Play Significant Role for Cinematographer

Angénieux Optimo Zoom 對電影攝影師扮演舉足輕重角色
Monday, July 23rd, 2012

There is no testimonial for cinematic lenses that is perhaps more telling than to have the DP actually purchase and own the lens. But when that DP owns two or even three sets of a particular brand of lenses, the numbers start to have a voice and the endorsement becomes even stronger.

Such is the case with Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC and an Oscar®-winning cinematographer, who owns multiple sets of Angénieux Optimo zoom lenses. And, as he puts it, “I not only use them – I own them. I have a set of Optimos with me on every project. I don’t leave home without them.”
就像是這位奧斯卡金像獎最佳攝影得主,Guillermo Navarro (來自美國電影攝影師協會 ASC),就擁有數個 Angénieux Optimo zoom 鏡頭。他表示:我不但使用這些鏡頭,而且我擁有他們。每一個案子都使用 Optimo 鏡頭,出外工作一定帶著它。

Mr. Navarro, renowned for his award-winning cinematography on Pan’s Labyrinth and more recently for the films I Am Number Four and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, is a long-time user of Angénieux lenses. The Optimos, including the 15-40mm, 17-80mm, 28-76mm and 24-290mm, are his zoom lenses of choice and were used every day while shooting Breaking Dawn-Part 1 and Part 2.
Navarro 先生獲獎無數,作品包括:羊男的迷宮、獵殺第四行者、暮光之城 - 破曉...等等,多年來都使用 Optimo 系列鏡頭,本身15-40mm、17-80mm28-76mm和24-290mm...等鏡頭。在暮光之城 - 破曉上集、於將上片的破曉下集當中,每天都使用到它們。

“The Optimos are my first choice in approaching the story I’m telling because they are such a loyal translator of my vision,” he said. “For me, they are literally the most important pieces of equipment, along with the camera.  What I see with my eyes is perfectly translated by the lens and, because of its truthfulness, either the film gets printed with that or if it’s digital, the media registers very, very accurately what I’m intending to do.”
「Optimo 鏡頭系列是我的首選,因為他們在我呈現故事畫面時忠實的呈現我想要的視覺」;他說「這些鏡頭跟攝影機簡直就是最重要的工具,鏡頭忠實的呈現我所見到的影像,無論是沖印底片或者是數位影像,都準確的轉達了我想要呈現的影像」。

Along with Breaking Dawn, the cinematographer is also using the Optimo zoom lenses on his most recent project, Pacific Rim.
除了暮光之城 - 破曉之外,這位攝影大師也在新片「環太平洋 (Pacific Rim)」中使用 Optimo 系列鏡頭。

“Pacific Rim is my first digital movie and since the weight of the camera is so light, I can use the 15-40 zoom on the Steadicam, which I am using every day,” he said. “The door has really been opened for me to use the close focusing 15-40 as well as the 28-76 as hand-held or Steadicam lenses.”
環太平洋是我第一部全數位的電影,新一代的數位攝影機的輕巧,讓我可以每天都將 15-40mm 掛在 Steadicam 上使用。15-40mm 與 28-76mm 為我打開了近焦、手持、Steadicam 的拍攝方式。

Designed for both film and high-end digital cinema productions, the Angénieux Optimo lineup includes the Academy Award® winning Optimo 15-40mm and 28-76mm lenses which are ideal for Steadicam work. New to the line is the Optimo 45-120mm lens, featuring a zoom ratio of 2.7x and a fast aperture of T2.8 (wide open). It perfectly complements the two lightweight Optimo zooms to create a unique, three-zoom lens system with total combined focal range of 15-120mm. The industry standard 24-290mm lens, round out the line.
專為發燒高級電影製作的 Angénieux Optimo 鏡頭系列,包括了得到奧斯卡金像獎的 15-40mm、28-76mm 以外,新的 45-120mm 的 2.7 倍 Zoom、全開 2.8 光圈,輕量的 Zoom 鏡頭可以涵蓋 15-120mm並搭配 24-290mm 成為業界標準。